Saturday, February 25, 2006

India and religion

I have always said that a lot of people (but, not all) in India don't believe in a religion because they want to or chose to. They do it because they are born into it and you have to be part of some religion to be part of a community. With the cultural setup in India, religion plays way too much importance in day to day life, from where your meat is bought to who indians get married to. The reason I am writing this stems from this article in The Hindu(popular Indian newspaper) -

from the article -
The resolution called upon all parties to rise above political considerations to help frame anti-conversion laws for "preserving the country's unity, integrity and security".

What happens is, certain religious groups wanting to recruit for their team goes to the poor and say, "convert to our team and we will give you food". Do you think the starving really thinks there is a god?

So, what does the VHP want to do, take away another source of food for the poorest of poorest in India. Instead of solving the actual problem of poverty, they decide to spend all their resources in outlawing a practice that wouldn't exist if there existed an infrastructure that would help these poverty stricken religious people.