Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Day and night

The rain finally stopped and summer seems to have begun. I can now walk to work without resorting to cabs and the buses. The best part of my day is my walk to work, I always see something that I find amusing or interesting. Yesterday I saw an old man and his dog staring at the world as if they have been together a long time and were reminiscing about old times, they looked so content and happy with the world. I pass by the centennial park on my way, I always see a lot of couples and kids there, yesterday I saw two boys on their bikes talking about riding their bike through a certain track, I guess they were racing like I used to do when I was a kid. I remember growing up in Messaieed, Qatar we used to "explore" the desert in our backyard. We once thought we found a dinosaur head in the mud until we finally realized it must have come from a dead camel, it was exciting though. It was like we were one of those characters in those Enid Blyton Famous Five books.

Anyways, then I saw a very old couple talking, they had big smiles on their face and were walking like old people do with baby steps, they got to the park bench by the time i passed them, they smiled and greeted me with a smiley "good afternoon" as i passed by. Old people are always very friendly.

On my way back from work at around 2 am, the walk is completely different, there are very few people on the roads and the occasional car always looked suspicious to me.
But, I did see something strange or funny, I saw a guy on a bicycle who was singing on the top of his voice without a care in the world, he was a horrible singer but because he was wearing a headset I am guessing he did not see anyone walking on the road or he just didn’t care. It looked spooky from my view from across the road until I realized what he was doing. To watch the street awake and asleep is quite an experience.


Anonymous ST said...

I guess in that part of the world, you don't have to worry about drive-by's at night but cycle-singers...heh

9:15 AM  

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