Sunday, May 29, 2005

My first Blog - Detroit Pistons!

Hello World!
I decided that it is about time for me to get into the world of blogging. Hopefully this will be one of those things that I start that I also finish. I don't always finish what I start. Some may say I don't finish anything. :P

Anyways, I just finished watching the Detroit Pistons get beat by the Miami Heat. Detroit is my team, they would have won if they just didn't lose their cool and just played basketball. But, this just means they are going to come back hard next game and even it up 2-2.I wish Larry did not take Lindsey Hunter out of the game when Wayde left. Anyways, I predict this game going seven now.

Some of the officiating sucked in this game. Especially when Chauncey got bloodied up by 3 heat players and no foul was called. I think all this means that Detroit will have the edge, because the officials will be watching tape of this game and will have that in the back of their heads while officiating the next game.

Detroit will win the next game!